About Daniel


Welcome to my website!

I am a happily married man living in Buckinghamshire, England.  I am a professional who works in the Finance Department for an international Software firm, but you’ll find very little about that here.  Work comes first so posting on my site will not be prolific, but as and when the desire arises, and time permits.

In my spare time I have dabbled in writing, and in December 2014 I published my first novel to Amazon Kindle – An Ever Deeper Shade of Blue.  Check it out HERE.

In September 2015 I launched the paperback edition through Create Space which is also now available via Amazon.  It’s just a CLICK away.

This site will be where I will share some thoughts on news, sports and politics.  I may dabble a little on my faith and the Church of England and of course I’ll be plugging my work here too.  If it takes my fancy, I guess I’ll post about it.  My wife Sarra may put up posts from time to time too.

I used to be a bit of a stress head, but I am trying to be more relaxed and chilled about life, liberty and the universe now.

All content on the site is the opinion of the listed author only, and does not represent the views of anyone else (i.e. my opinions, not my employers, referenced persons or political parties).  Please feel free to avail of the comments and let me know what you think, whether you agree or not.  I don’t suppose everyone will, but hey-ho.

Have a nice day!


BTW.. I almost forgot about my beloved and talented Samoyed, Sammy.  Check her out on my You Tube channel singing along to Lady Gaga (seriously)… That’s Sarra on the sofa, but it was my friend Tom doing the talking/recording.  Since that video, Tom started his own channel and posts his own You Tubes, that is, he has ever since he moved to Singapore.


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