A Review

Brian, of Brian’s Blog fame has put up a review of An Ever Deeper Shade of Blue, crediting it with a 3.75/5 score which I am happy with.

See what Brian writes for himself.

Overall Brians review is both warm and positive, to which I feel both grateful and validated.  Validated because reaching out beyond Facebook and friends of Friends is tough for an Indy writer, and there’s always a suspicion that the positive feedback I’ve received might be a little sugar-coated (the presumption, real or imagined being to spare my feelings)

Crucially Brian makes an observation that AEDSOB may be a little Highbrow and Challenging in places.  I do not dispute this, it’s actually in the cold black and white of his review pretty much something I felt might be the received opinion.  The target audience I had in mind as the story developed probably is a little niche and I did intentionally try to structure the story to work on multiple levels to appeal audiences.  I give a nod to plenty of people, inspirations, notions, and ideas, whilst trying to infuse my own message and story.  It was a complex web to weave, but I feel I did OK on that score (particularly for a first novel) and Brian’s review seems to hat-tip that to build an entire universe int he future in which to set the characters takes a lot of groundwork; but it’s all a necessary part of the journey for the reader before getting into the second-half, and ultimately to the end.  There is and isn’t a big ending, I must remain cryptic to those who have no read it yet, as for different people it (is intended) to have different meaning.

There have been plenty of shares too.  22 at time of queuing this post up late 16/11, and hopefully this will put AEDSOB in front of some future fans.

Overall, I think it’s a fair review and like I intimate above, there’s a fear before reading any review that someone’s gonna slaughter you and go 0/5; so I’ll sleep sound tonight; yet next time I’m scribbling notes, I’ll be wondering how I get up and over the 4/5 mark in future, and nearer 5/5 – that’s just how I am.



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