A Few Disjointed Thoughts



I felt sorrowful for the French over the weekend with everything that happened, and yet there’s a desensitisation with every tragedy; a callous that dulls the shock and awe as I lament the viciousness of humanity at it’s most evil; at it’s most crazy.

I thought it was great to see the changing of profile pictures; I considered it too but decided against – I won’t rehash, see HERE

None-the-less my heart is in France right now, it is too in Beirut, and Nigeria, and everywhere else the Death-Cult strikes (whatever it might be called locally).

Busy Again or Busy Still?

Though I keep reminding myself (as do others) that it’s much better to be busy at work and have too much to do that not be busy or worse have no job, the pace has barely relented.  There may, just may be a short respite with Thanksgiving coming up; but any lull at work is eaten up with other things.

Hence, ‘blogging’ remains breezy for the foreseeable future.

A Few More Videos

WWE Fans will like this:

Was that Brad clucking like the Gobbledy Gooker?

James got me onto the next one:

This was quite interesting too:

Heading For Middle Age?

You have to first understand that the guy writing this blog has been described as acting too old for his age since he was 16.

My hairline started receding at 19, and I had a full ‘William Hague’ by my mid-20’s.  There has been a wisp of grey too for more than half a decade, that gets ever-so-slightly more prominent just before each haircut.   I have a serious job with serious responsibilities with yet more responsibilities at home.  A few years back, angry at the state of the country I took an interest in Politics and tried to make a change; yes I started a lowly blog and spouted some thoughts into what we called the Blogosphere back then.

At 36 I still feel quite young.  I’m not out partying often (well ever really, see above part about being married..) but I’m in OK shape (for an overweight boldy), quit the smokes a few years back, etc.

But lately there is a behaviour that even I am finding worrying.  I’ve never been one for pop music, but lately I’ve discovered the joys of Taylor Swift, Iggy Azalea, Charlie XCX and Kate Nash to name but a few.  Used to be, I Might put some Oasis, Coldplay or Kaiser chiefs on the headphones to distract from X Factor or somesuch.   Dad dancing may come before I’m even (or ever) a Dad, so this must be kept in check.  I just went back to YouTube, I’m not convinced this is a phase, I really seem to like Taylor Swift.

That’s not the only thing.  After a recent dry spell, which was observed pretty much because we’ve not ever done one the return to drinking after 8 weeks out has taken a turn.  3 weeks later, no larger, no red wine.  For some reason, I’ve evolved onto Ales.  I know not why but when I’m at the shop I suddenly now feel compelled to try out different labels.  Who knows if this is permanent!

Other warning signs will be reported in due time, so long as it’s not too embarrassing.



That’s It! (For Now)

That’s it for now.  I expect there’ll be a post or two before 2015-ends, and maybe 2016 is the year I will get more prolific with this – in fact there was another section to this post I’ll queue up for tomorrow.

I have had one or two writing idea’s lately that I thought might just as easily become pages here – but then that might overly colour the blog to a particular audience – which might be over thinking things seeing as there’s barely an audience to speak of as yet.


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