Every now and then on a lazy day, I quite enjoy a bit of web surfing for some podcasts and YouTubes.  Over the years I’ve seen some informative, funny, crazy and bizarre stuff.  Every now and then you hit upon a gem.

It’s fairly organic sometimes, clicking from link to link, I’m probably not the only one who wiles away several unproductive hours in this way.  Sometimes it’s comedy clips, sometimes classic US (WWF/E) wrestling matches, or interviews with wrestlers of the era of my youth, it could be a thread on religion, ghost hunting, general horror or sci-fi, or even that bastion of YouTube, the Conspiracy Theory films, usually made for a YouTube audience.  AEDSOB was influenced in subtle ways by many of the above, little threads of the bizarre or alternative view points stitched in as a hopeful wink and a nod that many might miss.

Here’s some of the recent viewing.

Hear a New Name, Find an Interesting Story

Some where a few days ago I checked out a name that got dropped into a comment form somewhere that I’d never heard of.  The name was Mosab Hassan Yousef, and if like me you (just) checked out his Wikipedia page you’re probably curious as I was to the mentioned film, The Green Prince.  I gave it a go; it’s a good watch and a remarkable story, here it is:

Am thinking I might get the book*, which some of the reviews say covers more of his conversion to Christianity.

Weird Shit

Denis4706 is a channel i have been following for years, he is not prolific with the videos but usually comes up with good videos; ‘good’ that is if you like the weird and the bizarre.

A Glimpse of the Dark Side

I can’t remember the specific pathway of how I landed on this, probably some Sunday reading, and three clicks later following some random thread of thinking.  Dr Malachi Martin is a well known author, and Catholic Priest.  Not just any old Priest, but a former advisor to multiple Popes and an official Exorcist.

I’ve seen Art Bell’s name come up all over the place for years but had never listened to a show before; but usually when Art’s name comes up it’s in a positive, referral note mentioning some show or another.  Here Art interviews Dr Martin for the first time.  First a warning, the subject matter is obviously not suitable for young’uns, simple minds or those easily spooked or disturbed.  If you’re rabidly Atheist you’ll either laugh or descent in a fit of rage so spare yourself the trauma if it’s likely to hit those buttons.

Unfortunately, embeddment’s not allowed on this one, so click on through if you’re giving this one a go:

I went on, over a few weeks, to listen to the later interviews, all very interesting.

*An unsolicited, unpaid referral.


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