Fixing the Problems of the World – Part 1: FIFA & World Cup Process

There obviously needs to be investigations into the accusations of corruption within FIFA, and the sooner Blatter goes the better, if he’s not corrupt he has presided over an alleged system which allows corruption.  It’s ironic in a way that it’s the FBI that’s investigating; the game may finally be becoming recognised and supported more widely there, but it’s hardly the home of football.

So fix #1, if the Executive, or in this case President of FIFA can genuinely be unaware of such dodgy dealings, and then in light of these allegations coming to light claim no responsibility the structure of the organisation needs to change.  The President and in fact any of the leadership team should be made accountable to an executive committee who’s role should be to scrutinise the accounts and activities of FIFA.  It may not be a perfect solution, but it would be a much sounder structure than is currently in place.  Like I said, the sooner Blatter is out of the way I would think the sooner the Organisations structure can be changed and made more accountable.

Current Org Chart

Current Fifa Org Chart

Chart sourced from:

It’s not hard to imagine recent candidates for President, ex-players like David Ginola and Luis Figo who made their claim to be running for the love of the game (which I do believe) playing a role in the scrutinizing committee.

Now to Fix #2 which addresses a sense of injustice football fans in England have in not having had the World Cup awarded to us in such a long time.  There are undeniably superpower nations in the world game, countries where Football is more than just a pastime.  In these nations the National League is well supported, and at an International Level they are frequently held amongst the best.  I’d suggest the football potty nations are (with apologies to Scotland):






The Netherlands





I’m not saying this should be the definitive list, but a definitive list could be established (of say 10 nations) and each nation given the guarantee of hosting a world cup in the next 60 or 80 years.  That would mean the game’s biggest fans will know it’s possible within their lifetime the greatest event on earth will be coming to their home nation.  Depending on whether it’s a 60 year rotation or 80 that leaves either 5 or 10 events in that cycle open for bidding in which to go elsewhere.  It might be tougher for other European nations to win an open slot, given the continents heavy representation, but in an 80 year rotation there should be 1 or 2 still going to European nations.  The way is open for African and Asian nations to compete, with a general pattern that could be established, wholly or as best suits to have a sub-cycle where tournament 1 is in Europe, 2 in South America and 3 then in a one of the other continents.

Given the time since held Germany, France and Brazil should be later in the initial cycle having held relatively recent competitions, and so England, The Netherlands and Uruguay would probably want to go sooner.  The other nations would I think be OK in the knowledge of a guarantee of future hosting in a fair system, and as soon as the rotation is over, it should begin again with the non-named slots being open for bidding again so new nations would be OK to try again.

This system would guarantee in a fair way that the devotees of Football get a good chance to host, the nations that indeed put the majority of money and emotion into the game, but still leave open the visitation and hosting by new nations.  I would think the US, Australia, Japan, South Africa, Russia, China and others would be happier to go through their bidding years when not competing with the more established Footballing Nations.

If the turn to host the tournament was decades away there’s always the European and Copa America tournaments that the big nations can bid for and look to host also.


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